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Love Letter to Builders, From Builders

From Builders

To Any other builder Sub :We believe there is a builder / maker / idea in each and every human being

Each human is a builder, anybody can build

No matter what kind of builder you are Product / Community / Content / Sales / Art you have a idea or you think there is problem space you would like to be in here is our Startup Statement ,

Klubstack is built by builder to another builder with compassion Build | Grow | Retain customers on top of Klubstack.

We understand our users, no we are same as you

We can feel your problem, we faced your problems

You can use this product, we have been using this product for ourselves

We know everything about your persona no we want to solve the problem with you

Join our waiting list if you can you relate to our problems

👉 We have all been in that "n" number of dead WhatsApp groups

👉 Started a community abandoned it in middle

👉 Banged the table when we have built a wrong feature as PM

👉 Lost a customer because of bad customer support

👉 As a engineer clueless about source the edge case-bug

👉 Battling to reduce the major churn during onboarding as Customer Success Manager

👉 Lost deals as a sales due to trust issues and no reference point

👉 As Growth Hacker, felt the pain of ever increasing customer acquisition cost 👉 Left a product un-used not knowing the value as consumer or business stakeholder There 1000s of ideas born beach day, 98% brilliant talents fail to launch these ideas because of following reasons

🛎️ Focus 🛎️ Consistency above is a universal human problem and we are not building another meditation of todo list app , After interviewing with at-least 100+ builder we see these are common trends. 🛎️ Knowledge 🛎️ Clarity on customers

🛎️ obsession on customers problem 🛎️ Organic growth And we want to end it once for all Over the years everything has changed in the world of product | builder | creator scene , new technologies, process and techniques pop up faster than weeds in a garden. However, amidst all the changes, the one thing that has stubbornly clung on like a determined barnacle, the eternal quest of builders to have that initial clarity of thought in customers, problem and growth. It's always been a never-ending game of hide-and-seek for all the stakeholders This game ends only if one really connect with customer and they connect with you We have been there - right on each stakeholder's shoes - we have lived the chaos and we want to end the game now. Ditch building product , embrace the art of building Content or Message or Community first approach with Klubstack. It gonna save hours of effort time and build great value to your customers. Not to be hypocrites we are building communities for customer and building internal tools to solve our own problems on each domain. We are running some great outbound campaigns, communities completely without burning any money and would love to hear your ads spend / validation or growth problems too We are here to to stay for a longer haul, completely Organic, With you for a better ecosystem, with you without much noise , like a candle light date. We are here to with you helping more ideas get to the market , more organic growth , more better communities in the better world to come.

With love Builder

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