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#Build in public Again Klubstack

Updated: May 26, 2023

It been some time since I built a product from scratch, let me be honest from last experience of building product from zero in a new domain, scares a shit out of me. But we all as a human being should push ourselves out of the comfort zone to take up real challenge, isn’t

A solution to the challenge I have taken myself is to build the everything in public, for the audience who are not aware of Building in public

Building in public is the practice of creating content, and sharing stories with openness and transparency in order to attract like-minded people and nurture those relationships on the Internet.

This is a startups moment introduced to encourage openness and transparency among


I think pushing yourself out of boundaries is how you grow. For people who have been following me for sometime know that “Democratic Fund” is the vision, I have also been vocal about the the kind of un-exploited market across industries, especially in SaaS. A big fan of micro-SaaS. Let’s stick only to SaaS and B2B, being in the space for some time and working with more than 100+ founders and VCs I have realised couple of things

Well this was announced 5-6 months back , we need Announced a tweet a medium post

As the days point it was start of jan and now we are in end of May

Wait what really happened only we would know but this is the reality of startups

Why it break and how it breaks doesn't matter , the point we are back to track We are building in public and again, even if we had to re do this again we are gonna red do this again in public


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