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#BuildinPublic for SaaS is really hard, as consistency is hard

Here is our look into our empty page

If you start with a clean slate, you do not take account of previous mistakes or failures and make a fresh start.

this was few months before we kind of started off with a clean idea

promising ourselves to #buildinpublic with a saas suite products which helps Builder / SaaS founder grow organically

In the build in public journey there are people who are super consistent

And there is real people like us

the best part is the people like us are the majority , but we have the heart in right place

but as you know the other build in public projects only talk about success story growing each month from day one, hockey stick growth without any product, We are normal people with all the issues, I want to be candid and document all the issues we faced from day one, the world would know that people like us could still make it in a longer haul. As we start off setting of the team when developers are new each other learning new stuff and with tight timelines as you know our story already we kind of was struggling between 👉Understanding domain 👉 Talking customer & organic growth leaders 👉 Making others understand the vision

👉 Understanding use-case 👉 Fixing bugs 👉 Managing timeline Now that we are in a better stage i thought to share some sneakpeek of our product in better shape This the empty page of our sequencing solution

Yes this is basic email sequencing, we started with this because its aligned with our vision Helping companies , brands and grow organically and reduce their ads spends Why start with sequencing when there are n number of solution 👉 We still know there is gap in the market for niche 👉 We still have data there are customer who wants solution and service in affordable rates 👉 Cold email + Sequence is the basic element for organic growth , you don't need ads budget, don't need any creatives, if fact you don't need great months effort and built product 👉 All you need is a valid ICP , problem, pitch and a landing page which can attribute to A developer / problem solver/ product manager / agency guy /QA guy / Customer support every body has a builder in them. We feel most of the 0 to 1 journeys are killed because of following reasons 👉 People overthink 👉 Overbuild 👉 Over Spend 👉 Over burnout and 👉 Undervalue power of validation We are here to solve this problem cold email is the one way to start the journey and more over 🔺 We are using the other tools for 3+ years 🔺 We are sending 1000+ emails each day 🔺We know the pain of consistency More updates soon Stay tuned

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