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Announcing Kubstack's Non-Employee Stock Ownership Program (NESOP) | Community Driven Approach

New Innovation to incentivise our early stage community /feature owners, to give real feedback to our product , a new form of community driven approach

We already announced we are gonna build in public , We are community driven by company and at heart. Immediately our intern developer asked "is this what you call as build in public" showed the below photos

After explanations, we got to the basic of our Cap table We would like to share with you an update on the individuals and entities who are currently part of our cap table. Please note that while the following version represents our current cap table, there may be slight changes as we progress in the coming months. This version has been carefully formulated after extensive discussions and deliberations over several days. For the first time we are sharing the internal documents in public

Also the part of the program we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking initiative that demonstrates our commitment to involving you our potential early loyal customer , in shaping the future of our products. Have you ever desired to create a community-driven solution but lacked the technical or engineering resources to bring it to life?

Here is solution where you can get paid in millions in longer run Today, we are introducing the Non-Employee Stock Ownership Program (NESOP), an innovative program designed to reward your valuable feedback and support in the early stages of our product development.

At Klubstack, we believe that our users are the heart and soul of our company. Your insights, suggestions, and opinions play a pivotal role in guiding our product roadmap and ensuring that we deliver the best possible solutions to meet your needs. The NESOP is a testament to our dedication to building a Community -centric organisation, and it enables you to participate in our success like never before. Benefits

  • Become a co-founder of feature

  • Own a ESOP without being taking any risk with an early stage fund

  • Take credits along side for a world class open product

  • Work with a world class team who are humble and open to solution

  • Be a part of a product that really is gonna impact millions of 0 to 1 builders

  • Be a part of a product that is really taking on paid google , face-book ads helping real solutions grow organically

  • Make more first time millionaire, more people self sustaining business

  • Be part of larger vision. Here's how the NESOP works:

  1. Eligibility: All active users who actively engage in providing feedback on our early-stage products are eligible to participate in the program. a) You should be early stage product builder or community manager for company with less than 100 employees. b) if you are trying to build a community from 0 to 1 now or in future c) You know how to Grow a community from 0 to 1 d) You have the limitations of all the other community managers less resource time , build, budgets e) You are either from SaaS or Agency background.

  2. Stock Ownership: By contributing the feedback, you will earn ability to buy discounted stock options in Klubstack by betting on the feature you are backing, giving you a stake in our future success. These stock options will be granted based on your level of involvement and the value of your contributions. It is open company as you must have realised by now and the Parameters of the stock options will be handed over to you on the NESOP documents before you commit. There are 2 type of feedback reward a) Community Product Owners : Where you be the owner of the product, you name wil appear along with the Feature , like Joe'Onboarding a.1) You need to own collective feedback , by inviting you to the community a.2) You need to validate the roll out feedback ( once the product is rolled out ) a.3) Weekend sync on user interviews and feedback : Annual investment of 30-40 hours a.4) You get 0.25% of and we have 4 contributors to start with a.5) Be part of founding team , get credits work with set of genuine people a.6) Take up a future role with benefits and growth at most promising fund. a.7) We will need to agree upon referral and invite targets a.8) b) Survey Giver b.1) You be part of the early feedback volunteer team b.2) You will own product validated by Your Name b.2) You will give 38 Feedback over a period of 1 year b.3) You get 0.10% and we have 20 contributors to start with. b.4) If will have be in our community for quick IM and DMs b.5) You can buy NESOP by Purchasing

  3. Feedback Channels: We have streamlined our feedback channels to make it easier for you to share your thoughts. Whether it's through dedicated online forums, surveys, or user testing sessions, your input will directly impact our decision-making process.

  4. Vesting Schedule: The stock options you receive through the NESOP will vest over a specific period of 3 years on the success of the feature. This allows us to align your interests with the long-term growth and sustainability of our company.

  5. Transparent Communication: We are committed to keeping you informed about the progress of our products and any updates regarding the NESOP. Regular communication, including newsletters and dedicated program updates, will ensure that you are aware of the latest developments.

  6. Legal Considerations: We understand that there are legal and regulatory implications associated with stock ownership, especially for non-employees. Rest assured, we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We recommend consulting with your financial advisor or tax professional to understand the implications of participating in the NESOP.

We are incredibly excited to embark on this new chapter with you.Together, we will revolutionize the way products are developed, ensuring that your voices are heard and your contributions are rewarded. Would love to here from you on this more Thanks

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