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First Edition of Community Driven

Introducing "Community Driven Comics": An Initiative by Klubstack to Promote Community Growth!

We are excited to announce a brand new project that aims to engage and empower community managers and enthusiasts alike. "Community Driven Comics" is a unique comic series created by Klubstack with the intention of evangelizing community growth and fostering a sense of camaraderie among community builders. We understand that community management can sometimes be challenging and demanding. It requires constant dedication, strategic thinking, and the ability to navigate various obstacles. With "Community Driven Comics," we aim to provide a creative outlet for community managers and individuals involved in community-building efforts. These comics serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they act as a source of entertainment and stress relief. You can use them as a means to vent out your frustrations, find humor in relatable situations, and discover a lighthearted perspective on the challenges you face as a community manager. Secondly, "Community Driven Comics" can also be a powerful tool for advocacy. You can leverage these comics to spark conversations within your organization and convince your boss or colleagues about the importance of starting or investing in a community. The relatable and engaging nature of comics can effectively convey the value of community-building initiatives. We believe that communities are the backbone of successful organizations, and we want to empower community managers and enthusiasts to thrive in their roles. "Community Driven Comics" is one way we aim to support and inspire you on your community-building journey. Stay tuned for regular comic releases, where we will explore various aspects of community management, share insights, and celebrate the wins and challenges of community builders. Together, let's strengthen the community ecosystem and create thriving, engaged communities. Join us as we embark on this exciting adventure with "Community Driven Comics" by Klubstack. Let's laugh, learn, and drive the future of community growth together! Note: If you have any specific comic ideas or suggestions, we welcome your input. Feel free to reach out to our team and contribute to the community-driven nature of this initiative.

Here is a first one for Rikoo and Moootaaa fans


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